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The Golden Gate Chapter of the CRFG is resuming in-person meetings

  May 2023 Chapter Meeting

WHEN: Saturday, May 27, 2023

Plant Propagation


Bethallyn Black and Michelle Eyestone


Diablo Valley College, Parking Lot 9
321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, 94523 (free parking on weekends)


1 PM - 4 PM


Note: no potluck, although coffee and tea will be available.

Bethallyn Black and Michelle Eyestone are horticulture faculty members at Diablo Valley College. You may have seen them at the "Ask an Expert" table at our scion exchange. They will speak on the processes by which plants can reproduce, including:
* seed treatments for improved germination such as cold-moist stratification and scarification
* stem cuttings
* layering techniques, such as stooling to create rootstock, air layering and possibly tip layering for Rubus species
* bud grafting for stone fruit

The Golden Gate Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers [CRFG] has meetings every other month. Meetings are free, and open to the public for all fruit enthusiasts.

Hear from an expert speaker about a fruity topic. Meet like-minded people who bring fresh fruit from their home gardens for everyone to taste. We often share and trade plants, seeds, and scions. Our meetings are a unique opportunity to find people who live in a similar climate, to learn what varieties of what types of fruit will grow well for you, and how to grow them.

Becoming a member offers member benefits, such as a exclusive garden tours, fruit tastings, the CRFG Fruit Gardener magazine, entry to the annual CRFG "Festival of Fruit" conference and more. You're invited! We look forward to meeting you.

You do not need to be a CRFG member to attend although of course we hope you'll join.

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