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Golden Gate Chapter Newsletter Subscription

To join the Golden Gate Chapter of CRFG and receive six GG Chapter CRFG newsletters, fill in a copy of the subscription form below, and bring the form and your payment to a Chapter meeting/event, or mail the filled in form and your check (made out to GG-CRFG ) to: Golden Gate Chapter CRFG, 2901 Roosevelt Ave, Richmond, CA 94804. You are encouraged to pay for multiple years. A subscription costs $10 per calendar-year. A subscription that begins after October 15 is good for the remainder of the current year and all of the following year.

The Golden Gate Chapter also has the ability to accept payment online using a secure Square web page. Send an email to the newsletter subscription coordinator at Golden Gate Subscriptions, indicating how many years you would like to subscribe or renew. An e-invoice will be sent for online payment. Please include in the email a filled out subscription form if you are a new subscriber. For renewals, no need to send contact info unless changed.

You can copy and paste this form. Or click here for a PDF of the form.

Subscription Form

        $__________ (check_____ /cash_____)

        Membership/newsletter subscription for calendar year[s] ______________

        Subscriber name [1 or 2 names] _____________________________________________

        Street __________________________________

        State ___ ZIP___________

        Home Phone ____________________ Work ______________________   Cell ______________________

        Email address(s) _________________________________________

        Todays date ___________________

        Is it OK to include your contact information (names/addresses/phones/emails) in the printed Newsletter
        Subscribers List that is sent to all subscribers once a year (yes/no)? ______

        If it is NOT OK to include everything, what do you want left off? _________________________________

        Do you prefer to receive your newsletter by email ____ or regular mail ___?

End Form

National CRFG Membership

Why join the CRFG, Inc?

Our parent organization, of which Golden Gate is one of about 20 chapters, gives many benefits to all of the members of each chapter. These include our non-profit status (giving us access to rent venues at the less-expensive non-profit rate, and making your membership donations tax deductible), as well as the very important insurance coverage required when we hold meetings at certain public venues, and members homes. It is likely that in the future, some website content may have members-only access. Please check out the website CRFG Inc to learn all the great things your CRFG, Inc membership brings to members and to the public. To join the National CRFG, view the National CRFG website at Join CRFG Inc. There are various payment options and you can get the magazine as a hardcopy and/or an electronic version.You can use PayPal and pay online.

Questions or comments? Send email to the Golden Gate Chapter.

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